About Our Company

We, Histrionic Engineering Solutions & Consultant are one of the leading design & detail engineering company specialized in Piping Plant design engineering, Industrial engineering, Building Engineering and Mechanical solutions.

Our primary capability is plant design engineering service with proficient expertise in Onshore Units, Offshore Modules, Refinery Plants, Power Plants, Chemical Plants, Petrochemical Plants, Water Plants and Package Engineering (Chemical Injection Skids). We are excellence performers in engineering design and detail engineering in one stop solutions where we serve start-to-end services to worldwide customers and their valuable projects.

HESC cognizes the client appropriate desires and makes value added design engineering solutions & services. We serve as an effective project management planning, manpower control system, material cost effective with high quality performing and scheduled deliverable for the furtherance of our Clients. We achieve this balance by aligning our technological strength with expertise resources, systematic approach and robust processes.


Our core capabilities are design engineering services for Oil & Gas, Industrial, Building and Mechanical field technology with proficient expertise. We are aptitude in executing design and detail engineering projects in end-to-end engineering solutions for our global clients.


Specialised in high performance services which access to world leading engineering industries. We take pride to present the superlative worthwhile solutions probable to each customer.

Our Strategic Purpose

Our purpose follow leading design, engineering and manufacturing company specialising in Oil / Gas, Industrial, Building and Mechanical engineering services.

Our Vision

Towards remain the most respected design engineering service provider with proficient engineering solutions and interactive service performing which creates better friendly relationship with Clients.

Our Mission

  • Deploy cutting edge engineering and technology to continuously innovate to serve Client needs in a user-friendly way
  • Partnering with technology, substance to all engineering firms for accuracy with speed and leadership
  • Never give up in quality performing
  • Set new benchmarks for Client requirements
  • Provide a vibrant and fulfilling work environment for a passionate and empowered team

Our Strategy

We mark pledges, realizing and believing our abilities which follow the same for any of our commitment we involve. We identify potential areas of improvement with our previous project research and development. Gain and in pain, and vitality, which made us long on go dynamic. Over the years come, we educate in our past lesson learnt and implement them in future assignments for betterment of our clients in all our upcoming vows.

Our Values

Team effort

Our Confidentiality Policy

All means of entire Intellectual Property or Information provided by the client in any form of Project Related Documents will be reserved strictly confidential.

Our Saying

We have a strong faith in team effort and we trust to that… Our belief in team work always made extreme possible to dream work.



We implicate our experience in to the mastery of an event gained through involvement in and exposure to performing best engineering. Nothing ever becomes real until it’s experienced.


Our sincere hard work and discipline makes us more professional and having the skill to do better improvement continuously to obtain the perfection of work what we do always.


We seek and our objective of the safety for the industries requirement, safety of the human resources and reliability of facilities. We aim, ensure, follow, teach and yield of the safeness.


Our sustainable always engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of success. As a matter of realisation sustain we scores of live scenario, can transform the reality.


We have been trustworthy for our clientele by means of partnering our unabridged strength; make them into possibilities and to become responsible action with belief and integrity intent.


We are open responsive to extreme level of consistent, dutiful and in authority for our services. Our clients see us as reliable, credible, obliging and authentic on the effort involvement.

Great Managment

We make every opportunity into inspiration and as management we extend all difficulties into making it possibilities. We bring oneness among us, being nature band exertion to be thru.


We believe in empowering ourselves beyond core duties at the concern, which will extend our responsibilities towards the community and contribute skills to keep mounting to the next.

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